Knowledge sharing behavior and quality among workers of academic institutions in Indonesia

Authors: Saide, Trialih, R., Wei, H.L., Anugrah, W.  

While studies have highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing in organizations to help improve performance, there is still a difficulty among workers to share knowledge due to the fear of losing valuable knowledge. In this article, we present a study investigating factors that influence knowledge sharing among workers of academic institutions, specifically aiming to develop a deeper understanding of knowledge sharing practices and quality of knowledge shared. While most studies relating to aspects of knowledge management are concerned with the service industries, academic institutions have not received much attention, especially in Indonesia. We validated our measures and tested our research model using 337 respondents. We conclude that soft and hard rewards, communication skills, and enjoyment to help others are key factors that influence knowledge sharing behavior. Finally, recommendations and implications are discussed to help institutions guide their efforts to build knowledge sharing strategies.

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