Employees Characteristics in Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Performance

Authors: Saide, Hsiao-Lan Wei, Apol Pribadi Subriadi, Nurul Aini, and Nesdi ER

While most studies are concerned with the industry, but for non-profit organizations has no received much attention. Various have highlighted KS for creates value, however an obstacle from the perspective among employees still exists. The main problem is still difficult because employees will not share their knowledge. This study investigated factors and develop that influence KS among employees of non-profit organizations in Indonesia. The survey 364 respondents were used, 325 were returned, and 39 were not returned. Likert and smart PLS to confirm construct. This paper conclude factors that helping others, trust, soft reward, and personality of employees motivation are factors which influencing the KS behaviour. Finally, the findings were discussed. 

Full article: http://aircconline.com/csit/csit654.pdf#page=76

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